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March 2018 Regarding the Ferdinand Toulton Clarke ancestors: The ship Medford sailed from Liverpool, England with 214 “Saints,” including the Clarke, Toulton, and Morgan families and arrived at New Orleans on 13 November 1842. Aboard were Charles Clarke and his wife, Maria who, for more than 100 years, were known as the parents of Ferdinand Clarke and the grandparents of my grandmother, Elizabeth (Clarke) McWherter. Recent dna evidence (dna shared with several Collins descendants from his first and third wives and of descendants of his grandaunt?, Elizabeth Lewington) has convinced me that Charles Clarke is not the father of Ferdinand Clarke, but rather that distinction belongs to Frederick Collins who married Maria in 1862 (the second marriage for each). Frederick Collins in now shown here as the father of Ferdinand Clarke. Charles Clarke and his known ancestors will remain in the database but are no longer linked to Ferdinand.

A note to Perrault/Perreault descendants: The Perrault families here are descendants of Jacques Perrault, maître chirurgien and immigrant to New France in the early 1700s. I have a fairly comprehensive database of his Perrault surname descendants until the early 1900s. If you aren't finding the person you are searching for be sure to search alternate spellings.

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